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Assignment 6 – Works Cited

Back to Assignment 6 – Part 3 Works Cited 2013 rainbow book list. (2013) Retrieved from Avi. (1992). The true confessions of charlotte doyle. (Reprint Ed. ed.). Balzer & Bray. Bishop, K. (2007). The collection program in schools: Concepts, practices, and information sources. (4thed.). Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited. Bishop, R. S. (n.d.). Mirrors, windows, and sliding glass […]

Assignment 6 – Part 3

Back to Assignment 6 – Part 2 Diversity The idea of considering access for special groups of students (Bishop, 2007) is one that I agree is important. The reading, Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors by Rudine Sims Bishop further supported the idea for me that all our students need to see that their school […]

Assignment 6 – Part 2

Back to Assignment 6 – Part 1 Intellectual Freedom The biggest shift for me during this course was in my understanding of intellectual freedom. Previously I had viewed selection or non-selection of books, in part, as a way to protect young readers from mature content until they moved on to Secondary School. This meant purposely […]

Assignment 6 – Part 1

Final Reflection Introduction As a new teacher-librarian I certainly appreciate the contribution taking the course Learning Resource Selections: LIBE 463 has made to my knowledge and practice. I have more than a year’s experience as a teacher-librarian prior to starting this course, so I did have some experience to draw upon during the course, even […]

Assignment 1

Selection of a Curriculum Area and Grade for Assignments For the focus of my assignments I have chosen to work with the curriculum from the British Columbia Integrated Resource Package, Earth and Space Science: Earth’s Crust, Science 7. Prescribed Learning Outcomes It is expected that students will: compare the characteristics of the Earth’s core, mantle, and crust, […]